by Brad Cryan

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Bradford draws from an enormous array of influences and funnels them through a potent, guitar-based aesthetic. The songs were written and meticulously revised over a five-year period. At times aggressive, at times introspective, Bradford is meant to provide a cathartic experience for the listener.


released August 24, 2014

All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brad Cryan.



all rights reserved


Brad Cryan Los Angeles, California

Brad Cryan is a Los Angeles-based composer and producer of progressive rock music.

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Track Name: Haunted House
I'd like to live in a haunted house,
breathing dust and memories.

I'd kill time with ghosts,
and I suppose I could learn their ways,
and we'll haunt this house forever.
Track Name: Mouth
Act like a good little logger,
don't run your mouth, and you'll climb higher up.
Believe them when they say
you're just a

product of your word,
a figment of the earth;
you're nothing more than what you do & say.
You're a product of your voice,
a human with a choice;
you're nothing more than how we tell you to behave.

When the bough breaks,
does it reverberate?
Does it make a difference
when you fall down?
Track Name: Big Ideas
Your dignity could part the sea -
did all those big ideas finally set you free?

They make you look refined,
learned, and complete
(and it doesn't matter if you're right, it matters if you're loud).
Your vanity could part the sea...

Option B (as if there is one):
Stop! Don't put them down.

That's a cool opinion, what did it cost you?
It must get lonely in that giant head of yours.
Your ecstasy could part the sea...

You're full of shit if you believe
you've conquered your identity.
Track Name: Year of Glad
I can hear your sirens
calling me again.
I can't bear to leave you lonesome -
but never forgotten,
I cut my teeth in Boston.

This life is but a jetstream.
We could never last forever.
I hate to disappoint you,
but this bastard's running out of steam.

I spent a year on my bicycle,
with a pocket full of lint
and a halfwit grin on my face.
I'm a fool to ask, but it's worse not to know.
If these were the best years of our lives,
then what happens next?
Track Name: The Gay Shoe Clerks
We were dogs,
all bark and more bite for the fight.
And while the enemy toiled away, we prayed that

"happy" is just a choice.
Throw off your airs, rejoice.
This world belongs to us now.
Give it a good whirl, everything must go.

We are your sons and daughters,
drinking holy water.
We're misled and misplaced,
but we can't be erased.

We're just so fallible.
It's unavoidable,
it's inescapable.
Humans are animals.
Track Name: Bird's Eye View
What a man you became,
when lovers lose their name.
Couldn't teach me the game.
We were so much more in my brain.
What a child I was...
Track Name: Expatriate
I haven't moved a mile,
but once in a while
I can't speak.
Skip the long chapters and read the end -
do I ascend
and land on my feet?

I watch your breath against the glass,
as clouds expand and fade away.
I've either got a thousand homes to lay my head,
or none at all (and I've got empty rooms instead).